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Eric Kutner

Eric Kutner

Eric KutnerEric KutnerEric Kutner

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Smart Effective Leadership

Bringing people together to address our challenges

I am a sensible moderate Democrat who believes in civility (simply showing respect for others), teamwork (with compromise while not compromising one's principles), and rational critical thinking and doing. I have years of experience bringing people with a very diverse breadth of beliefs together to address tough challenges. I'd like to one day include helping to repair Congress for the benefit of the 53rd Congressional District and the entire country.

One of the key factors in helping me decide to run to represent the 53rd Congressional District is the level of encouragement and support I have received from across the political spectrum. It's one thing for friends and colleagues to have supported my work over the years when I'm not labeled with a political affiliation, but for numerous friends and colleagues from across the political spectrum to continue to want to see my vision for the country and the 53rd Congressional District is very special.

Congress has always been a special place for me. At least, the vision I have of Congress. In recent years, even I have become disappointed by the state of Congress, but I am running because I have hope and believe that there is plenty of opportunity for us to elect leaders who care deeply about the country and the institution of Congress.  I hope you will put me there to help all of us move forward and achieve great things.

Extensive experience with our issues

My supporters and I believe that I am already one of the leading unofficial representatives of the 53rd District to Washington thanks to nearly a decade of bringing my ~25 years in the business world and 15+ years in policy and strategy to the table for the 53rd District.

I am known for having an unusual breadth of experience with depth of knowledge and experience in numerous areas such as national security, education, health care, science and technology, and business.

I have had the honor of interfacing with and advising many public and private sector senior leaders and executives, including senior general/flag officers across the military. There's nothing better than contributing to the brainstorming that goes into solving problems.

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to know and interface with (including advising) many current and retired Members of Congress and current and former Hill staff, so I understand how the Hill works and doesn't work. 

But, more importantly, I understand what it's like to live and work in the real world of San Diego beyond the Beltway. I, too, use the buses and trolleys of our mass transit system (MTS) almost everyday. I, too, have to deal with the state of health care in California. I, too, walk among the homeless knowing we are all one step from being there ourselves. I, too, feel the effects of drought, including wildfires.